Project Overview

Public space is not solely a collection of activities, but an experience. This design proposes a park that organizes the disparate elements of the Seattle Center site and program into a sustainable and coherent setting. It draws on the picturesque landscape tradition casting the groomed playing field as a meadow within a wild rolling landscape featuring regionally indigenous plants. In this contemporary interpretation topography is twisted and landscape is borrowed by a forest-capped hybrid building.

Bike and walking paths weave through the landscape alongside swales that pick up water run-off. To the east along Fifth Avenue North, the Ridge – part stadium, part landscape, part building – houses indoor recreational uses and shelters a multimodal mobility hub devised to strengthen city connections and re-balance local and tourist use. This reinvented natural world celebrates nature and creates an experience with roots in the past and a vision of an ecologically resilient city.

Entrant Information
Team Name: 
KoningEizenberg Architecture + ARUP
Team Country: 
United States
Team Members / Design Credits: 
Nathan Bishop, Architecture, KoningEizenberg Architecture | Julie Eizenberg, Architecture, KoningEizenberg Architecture | Troy Fosler, Architecture, KoningEizenberg Architecture | Rachel Bagan, Architecture, KoningEizenberg Architecture | Annie Danis, Research and Communications, KoningEizenberg Architecture | Roberto Ammendola, Structures, Visualization and Simulation, ARUP | Bruce Danziger, Structures, ARUP | Russell Fortmeyer, Sustainability, Energy Infrastructure, ARUP | Laura Klein, Structures, ARUP | Trevor Mino, Civil, ARUP | Elizabeth Valmont, Acoustics, ARUP | Nancy Goslee Power, Landscape Architecture, Nancy Goslee Power and Associates: Consultant | Joe Sturges, Landscape Architecture, Nancy Goslee Power and Associates: Consultant | Dan Sturges, Transportation/Mobility, Wheel Change: Consultant
Licensed Professional: 
Julie Eizenberg, Principal, Koning Eizenberg Architecture, California Board of Architectural Examiners #C25016
Juried Entry
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